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About Us - Soul Companions

Soul Companions (End of Life Doula Training) was birthed from the merging of the professional biomedical model of caring for the dying with the spiritual, including the tradition’s and ritualistic practices that can accompany dying, death and bereavement.

Our aim is to engage people with learning that enables them to encourage others to consider, talk about and plan death as it is a scary and lonely event.

Our purpose is to provide learning for a holistic person-centred approach that encourages openness, compassion and love.

The End of Life Doula Training course is non-discriminatory but of course we urge you to consider if you have these qualities before applying: Are you caring? Motivated by compassion not greed? Emotionally and physically sound in body? Have enthusiasm, dedication, embody ethical principles, simplistic values and want to make a difference where it counts? Then please consider applying as we would love to support you on your own journey.

If you wish to practise as an End of Life Care Doula (Death Doula) you will be required to undergo a DBS check.

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