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Seven Principles

Whether participating in a training course, working as a volunteer or independently employed it is important to be aware of and apply the seven principles and code of practice in your work as an End of Life Care Doula.

This is a moral and ethical obligation to our clients and their families. It also promotes the standing of Doulas at End of Life in our society and upholds the reputation of Soul Companions and the community to which you belong.

The Soul companion works to:

1.  Recognise the individual needs of the dying person and their family and creates an atmosphere where they feel dignified, loved and supported.

2. Acknowledge, respect and honour a dying person’s beliefs and practices.

3. Provide comfort, compassion, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience the death he or she wants (within legal bounds).

4. Guide and support a dying person to facilitate, in a non-medical way, a peaceful death and final farewell.

5. Keep a loving vigil and support those also keeping vigil by creating and holding a sacred and healing energy space for the dying person.

6. Provide gentle therapeutic techniques to alleviate anxiety and tension, applying an attentive manner and calm understanding, acting as a companion to the soul, working with spirit, especially during the stage of soul transition.

7. Help the dying person and their family on this journey by allowing the natural course of life and having courage to let things simply be.