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Complaints & Appeals Procedure

As an accredited course (ITOL) with an external assurance body, Jane Depledge – Doula Training at Soul Companions has comprehensive quality assurance procedure and is morally obligated to provide the course content described in the course details on the website.  If, however you feel this is not being met you may appeal.

The procedure:

  • Enables the applicant to appeal against the learning outcomes not being met by the course.
  • Creates a dialogue whereby the applicant and assessor can honestly and openly discuss issues at the earliest opportunity to resolve the situation without jeopardy.
  • Enables the learner to enquire, question or appeal against an assessment decision.
  • Provides a standardised record to ensure transparency and fairness, facilitating the applicant’s ultimate right of appeal to the awarding body, where appropriate.
  • Protects the interests of all learners and the integrity of the programme offered.

To achieve this:

  • The appeal and / or complaint must be made in writing torecord, track and validate any appeal.
  • A response time line of 21 days is expected with clear explanation and communication.
  • There is a right of appeal against the decision of an examiner.
  • Records of the appeal will be kept for inspection purposes for 12 months.
  • Appeals and complaints will be monitored to ensure quality improvement and applicants satisfaction.

The person who is asked to consider your appeal or complaint will:

  • Review whether there are grounds for upholding your appeal or complaint.
  • Examine if the appeal and or complaint is justified.
  • Ensure all the appropriate information was considered.
  • Respect confidentiality and remain impartial.
  • Rule that there are grounds or not for the appeal or complaint to be considered, and you will then be advised accordingly.