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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether participating in a training course, working as a volunteer or independently employed it is important to be aware of and apply the seven principles and code of practice in your work as a Doula. This is a moral and ethical obligation to our clients and their families. It also promotes the standing of Doulas at End of Life in our society and upholds the reputation of Soul Companions and the community to which you belong.

Yes, but hopefully you are doing it for the right reasons and you pass the assessments! You would be giving non- professional support working alongside thereby complementing healthcare teams. Perhaps you have experienced caring for the someone in the past and want to share this? As a Soul Companion … you are just that …. someone who is by the side of the dying person to fare them well on their journey home. Death is inevitable and if we can prepare people properly death can be a welcomed rite of passage.

Some people prefer to volunteer their time (charging only for petrol and sundry expenses). Others choose to make this an employed role. An experienced Doula with exceptional references from families can often command their own rates. Others working to perfect their skills charge a reasonable hourly or package rate. The course provides information on setting up a business and lone working.

Given the subject, face to face contact with course facilitators and other class participants making this a richer learning experience as networking is important. Module 2 is however distance learning and can be completed in your own time Consideration will be given to continued learning via Webex in the future as well as one day events.

Yes, this is essential if you want to practice, information regarding this will be provided on the course.

No, though having a sense of your own spirituality is helpful. Your clients may have their religious beliefs or be agnostic but if your respect that it doesn’t matter about your own. We accept trainees from all faiths, cultures and walks of life.

If you are applying our principles and code of practice, are diligent in your work and compassionate in your manner, why would they not accept you? Most healthcare providers welcome the assistance Doulas bring to enable their patients to stay at home and die with dignity. Birth Doulas have a long history of service and are much appreciated and acknowledged. Although Doulas caring for people at End of Life is not as established, there are several training schools with excellent reputations; at Soul Companions we hope this will go from strength to strength.

We look forward to welcoming you on our course.

Jane Depledge